Hello friends!! I made a simple RPG game for my project. I used windows form application..
I set the background image of my form1 to a picture that is already a map.. I used picture box for the MainCharacter and set it to transparent and I also put transparent background gif images whenever the keyevents.. But my problem is, sometimes when I move the picture box using the keyevents, when the picture box passes through the background that has different color, you can see the boundery of the picturebox, and sometimes it is lag and cannot display the image in the picturebox..
I need help how to fix it please :'( Im gonna work hard for this because the deadline of this project is next week. I am just a newbie and not good in graphics.

hi rino

Try using panel instead of picture box.... Try refreshing the inner panel with each key event also specifying the region of the system.drawing.graphics....
If you are planning for rpg like diabolo then use mouse events that would be better with capturing coordinated with each click



Thank you for the reply sir Sam.. I try what you suggest, but my gif image doesn't play if i used panel, gif picture moves as an image not a background image.. My design is like a pokemon rpg game, but I used sprites of naruto..I used many forms for different map, each form has two panel, panel which background is the map and panel for the character's attributes. The only problem is, the picturebox or my main character doesn't move smooth.

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