hi daniweb,

i have a small project for my office for database application:

project details:

1. #4 different office in different cities
2. all are connected to domain (i don't know how they are connected via vpn/domain bla bla bla...)
3. i want to create an application and database that can be controlled online using this new application.

can you guys guide me what tool i need in this case.
i've very littel knowledge of databases and VB.

thanks in advance,



There's really not much difference in setting up a local or wide area network. You just have to have a network connection. Logon to a shared directory on the server. And preferably map that location or shared resource as a drive on the client system.

It should then show up as a drive using your typical common dialog functions or controls that deal with loading drive resources on the client system.

Then you just log in to shared database files with the proper credentials. It's not that difficult.