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I have a school project in which i am creating a barcode scanning system. I now want to add the ability to create and print a barcode. As far as i can see there is three ways of going about it, firstly creating an individual image of the numbers 0 - 9 and it is assembled depending upon the barcode numbers. And seconding using a barcode font (Self explanatory). And finally hard coding widths of lines etc to create the barcode/ image.

Am i right with any of them and which would seem possible? As its a school related project i don't require any code being produced just need to check / get advice on how i should approach this problem.

Thanks in advance :)

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It is better to use 3rd party components to generate bar codes.

Download an application barcode_label_activex.exe. Install the same. Add the component BARCODE_ACTIVEX.ocx to your VB Program. Read carefully the Code that is added with the application. And rest is yours. For any further assistance feel free to write:

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