I did a program that connecting to database then show data and user can ( add or remove or update ) data but my problem that program take a little time to be ready how i can know that time and make notification for user to use program now or wait (Program still in loading)

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long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
long end = 0l;
long elapsed = 0l;

// your code

end = System.currentTimeMillis();
elapsed = end - start;
System.out.println(("Search Spent " + ((int) (elapsed / 1000)) + " seconds");

but some Java Gurus told that System.nanoTime(); is more precious


thnx but i do my program using swing controllers and jframeform where i can but this code to calculate all the program time that need to be ready


what you really needed

1) calculate time between two periods,
2) pre-calculate required time and to display that in JProgressBar
3) or entertain the audience (in some way) during the the program works, rotated Icon, change Cursor, diplay some notice...

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