Okey i know that im going to start hate with this thread, but which one should i choose to learn looking from complexity view?

Which api is more "easy" or user-frendly to learn? And why so?
I wana know what you think.

Well it seems as OpenGL is easier and I can't find the directory code blocks keeps asking me for when I try DirectX... Overall it seems like for graphics OpenGL is the one but Directex for both (there is OpenAL for sound) the barrier for most people is that both require a little coughhardcough GUI programing. I heard about this png writer thing but it seems like it needs you to assine each pixel. There is postpicture() (something like that) but I get an error from it.
Overall I would use open gl because it is just graphics and takes little experience computers come with it and sometimes people need to install stuff for directx. Well hope it helps.