import math

def board_gen(width, height):

height = int(height)
width = int(width)
xo =

strt_ltr = 1
board = []

for row in range(1, (height+1)):
strt_ltr = int(math.sqrt((strt_ltr-1)**2))
line = xo[strt_ltr:(width+strt_ltr)]
return board

config =
if (height%2==True):
print config[0:width]
print config[1:width]

I do not know where to go from here :( someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee HELP ME

Need urgent help on python coding!

It is not our fault that you waited until the last minute.

I do not know where to go from here

Neither do I as I do not know what your assignment says you should code.

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee HELP ME

And most especially, no one wants to see the site turn into a place where children beg for someone to do it for them.

also use code tags when posting code. And as woooee said, this isn't doyourhomeworkweb it's Daniweb, read the forum rules.