in this program i'm writing, i seem to keep getting rounded down values. At first i though it was because i was declaring my return variable as an integer so i made sure i wasnt doing that and changed all number variables in the class to doubles to ensure i wasnt going wrong there and still i divide 3 into 4 and get 0.

double fraction::percent()
  double _percent=_top/_bottom*100+(_whole*100);
   cout<<_bottom<<endl<<endl<<"percent "<<3/4/**100+(_whole*100)*/<<endl;

the calculation was 3/4*100+_whole*100, i commented out all but the first part to see what 3/4 returns and i get 0 instead of .75.

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1) Don't create variables with _ as the first character. That's used for internal values
2) top, bottom, whole are probably integers.

The issue is integer division vs. floating-point division.

Integer division divides an integer divisor into an integer dividend and produces an integer quotient. For example, if you have 11/3, integer division will produce a truncated integer result of 3 instead of the actual correct value of 3.6667, which is a floating-point value.

In your code, you have this:

3/4 /**100+(_whole*100)*/ << endl;

notice how the 3 and the 4 do not have decimal points. This causes C++ to interpret them as integers, which results in int / int. This combination results in integer division.

Can you think of a way to change this code so that it results in double / double which will give you floating-point division instead?

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