I'm sorry as this coding language is not in C++, but it is very simlar to it.

I basically trying to learn how it works if I have an example of this:

new NodeArray[]

I want an example of it working on how to get to a selected node, e.g

NodeArray[1] would print 0,0,0,0.

I'm explaining the loop in pawn as it would be different in c++.


for(new n = 0; n < sizeof(NodeArray) n++)


Can anyone put into context how the node order would be calcluated and saved in a new array e.g new node1joint, node2joint. etc


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I'm not sure what exactly you want. Do you want to extract each NodeArray into its own array?

Imagine NodeArray[0] means Node A

NodeArray[1] means Node B

How can I calcluate a route from NodeArray[0] to NodeArray[3]

So basically a short route from node a to node d.


How is the graph constructed? Presuamably you should have an edge going from Node_i to Node_j, if permitted. Where is your edges?


Or is your 2D Array the graph it self, for example:

e1 e2 e3
e1 1   0   1
e2 0   1   0
e3 1   1   1

what that graph, we can say that e1 can goto e1 and e3, e2 can got to e2, and e3 can go to e1,e2,and e3. Is that how you are interpreting the grap?

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