I want to install the softwares remotely.Backups of these software are with my Local system.Now i want to install it on another computer on lan or wan using c or c++ .... Any ideas ?

I dispute the legitimacy of this request. Why would you want to remote install software over the LAN when you can simply remote desktop into any machine you own and install it yourself?

Seems to me like you want to be a cracker. =/

I agree with Ketsuekiame, I don't see any reason why you would "automate" an install of a bunch of software on another computer. Remote desktop to it, or open a secure shell (ssh) to go in and transfer your installation executables (or packages) and run them. It is just as easy as installing them on a local machine. But, of course, they both require that you have access rights to the computer. If you don't have access rights and want to do this anyways, then you are a shameless hacker (scum of the Earth if you ask me!).


My application is Client-Server applications.I want to install client application to client machine from server. I know client machine username & pssword. Many of client-server application supports this.

I also posted it on msdn i got some answers but not still clear.