Hey guys, I need some help. I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.
I've heard about being able to write html in c++
I found a few tutorials but I can't understand them they're not very noob friendly. :(
Can some of you guys give me a few codes so I can get started? Thanks! :)

*Bump* Come on guys I really need help :(

Your question makes no sense. HTML is plain text that is interpreted by a suitable programme such as a web browser. C++ is plain text that is turned into a programme using a compiler. They are completely different things and writing a C++ programme for the purpose of generating HTML code is certainly possible, but vastly more effort than just learning HTML.

i think he means that he can write an web page using C++
for ex. a console - server that imitates the behavior of an HTML written website;
it is possible, tho a lot more effort to write it

Argh, double post.

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