hey guys!!!

iam just working on speed of the codes..
and i just want to extract the last bit of the given variable.could u help me???
note:dont extract the bits by dividing it by 2:):)

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i just want to extract the last bit of the given variable.

Which bit do you think is the "last bit"? The term is ambiguous as it could be interpreted as either the most significant bit or the least significant bit.

note:dont extract the bits by dividing it by 2

Let me guess: this is a restriction on the homework you so carefully didn't say this question is based upon? :icon_rolleyes:

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you check the least significant bit to determine if it's even or odd, because it's 2^0 = 1.

thus you can shift the bits the proper direction and determine if the bit is set or not.

in case bits were never described this way to you:
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
we have four bits here, each with a value of:
[2^3] [2^2] [2^1] [2^0]

least sig. bit is set? value = 1.
lest sig. and 2^1 = 3.

for a byte this continues to 2^7.

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lets say its the most significant bit

k i just want to check whether the no s even or odd using msb

Apparently you don't understand the difference between most significant and least significant. :icon_rolleyes: If you're checking for even/odd, you test the least significant bit:

if ((value & 1) == 0) {
    // Even
else {
    // Odd

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