Hello everyone! I'm learning how to make my program auto inject file "bypass.dll" to "MapleStory.exe" program which is current running.I had try to make my program auto run file "winject.exe", but i don't know how to make winject.exe auto inject file "bypass.dll" then auto close after inject complete. Is there have other way to do it?
Here is my code:

private void OnStartButton(object sender, EventArgs e)
public void LaunchMaple()
            Maple = new Process();
            Maple.StartInfo.FileName = Properties.Settings.Default.launchpath;
            if (Mode == MapleMode.GMS)
                Maple.StartInfo.Arguments = "GameLaunching";
            if (!is64bit())
                Process.Start(TempFolder + "winject.exe");

Windows doesn't like the win32 api RemoteThread() call anymore. But as far as getting 'winject.exe' to work - it probably needs some command line arguments, as you are in no way specifying the dll to inject. Check the documentation.

Also, don't cheat in online games (unless you are just trying to learn something). It ruins everyones fun. Most cheating/hacking apps (such as this winject.exe) contain malware.