I have an interface built in javafx but it currently does nothing it just looks nice.

How do you download files from the web in javafx or java?

How do you create files on the users system in java or javafx?

How do you place downloaded files in the created files?

How do you call operating system file browsers in order for the user to choose the install location?

Any help would be great. Thanks.

hmmmm, as I search on some forum (where I'm member of) nobody ..., just some fans plus tutorial (built-in in Netbeans) - http://wiki.netbeans.org/JavaFXComposer

much luck

I can't find any of this information on there and the oracle documentation seems to be having problems I keep getting "Error: 404 page could not be found".

sure ???, please contact your ISP provider :-),

all links works correctly for me, <fw>but you are allways able ctrl-C ->ct... </fw>

edit: from my channel (from EU) I can logIn/logOff snoorOracle, sometimes happends, but ignored

sure ???, please contact your ISP provider :-),

all links works correctly for me, <fw>but you are allways able ctrl-C ->ct... </fw>

I could not find this info on the Netbeans website

I did find a link to how to build a file chooser though on netbeans.org.

I'm outta of this thread

much luck

I did not mean to be a jerk i was talking about having problems searching oracles documentation. Then when you said all the links worked for you I was wondering where they worked and which website It was on I should have read my post before I posted it. I was frustrated with oracle and I put my emotions in my post. I had already been to all the sites you listed except I did not see your post with a link to oracles forms because I was writing my post about links not working. I did not mean for it to sound abrasive it sounded fine when I was writing it in my head but now when I read my post I can't believe I wrote that.


The Oracle docs seem to be working just fine at the moment (your mileage may vary).

Take a look at Storage and Resource for your file system questions.

Do you have any ideas on how to download files from the web and place them in a specified folder. I am willing to use java libraries as well.
I can't seem to find this anywhere.