I'm writing a Level Editor but my program is shows the X,Y,Z positions like DWORD(unsigned long). I want to show them like a float but I can't find a formula or function for that. If you know something please reply!

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To what end? You can't add precision that's not there.

To 2 numbers after the "."


What I mean is, there's no precision on DWORDs. Thus the two numbers after the '.' will always be 00. There's no point.

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I'll try one more time.

If you have an integer 5, converting it to floating-point will produce 5.000000. You cannot create something that didn't exist to begin with, and integers do not have a precision less than the whole number. Showing your DWORDs as floating-point accomplishes absolutely nothing.


See this -
(From FarCry Map Editor) - did you see the floats they're get from dword because the DirectX 3d positions can be only DWORD. And something another - type in the calculator which link I give to you for example 1.0 you see the box in HEX it indicates 3F800000 - that's formula I wanted for.

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