C is a medium level language ? i guess c++ also
that's why C/C++ are faster than others, but i dont think VB/C# example are to slow like some says.

That i hear exactly is: (" a ATM Software can't be in High level language VB/C#/Java because are to slow ")

Can a software for AMT be written in VB?,
e ok i dont think a transaction will take much more than now (i guess software's are in c e?)

I'd say C is low, maybe low-medium at a push, it's only one step away from assembler...

It can be written in whatever you like, languages are tools, algorithms are what you should concentrate on, theres more to ATMs though. Organisations don't like changing stuff that works so sometimes things are written in low level because that's what was around back then and it just stuck.

Bear in mind, ATMs are just fronts to the powerful central servers that do all the work.

most banks use COBOL.. yep, even today

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