In high school I learned Pascal and C++. Everything from hello world to search trees, to graphical battleship with AI.

Now I'm a freshman in college and in my CS1 class we are using Java, but after 2 months we are just now on arrays. Basically I was just hoping to get a suggestion or two on a good book to teach myself Java.

We are using the Blue J IDE if that matters for your decision

Hi. I think if you're serious about learning java on your own -- and from what you say you have a pretty good understanding of programming in general already; I would pick up 'Java - The Complete Reference.' It's like 20 bucks and it's a good thing to keep on your desk.

I've never heard of BlueJ to be totally honest, but again; if you're already familiar with programming I think if you jumped into netbeans or eclipse ide -- you would feel right at home. The IDE will actually help you as a beginner too - by auto-completing, auto-importing, and handling compiler issues as well as any custom libraries you might want to use.

Thanks! I'll look the book up on Amazon.

My professor did say that in CS2 we will be using Java again, but with Eclipse.

Yea like I love computer science and coming to a really challenging piece of code that takes forever...but when you finally think of the perfect code and it works..I haven't had that in college yet because every bit of programming we do is so easy. The class is for people who've never done it, but there was no way to place out of it -_-

It may seem stupid, but I learned all my Java from the internet. I used YouTube to follow tutorials, and found out the rest myself (just looking on Google). Maybe a thing to try, and see if you like it :).

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