Hello, im interested in setting a range of pixles so that if an object is between a desired number of pixles the program responds, ive tryed

if shape1.top = 6000 to 8000 then

but to is not recognized, is there something i should be using in its place, thank you

it seems to me like you will need to calculate the height of the shape. So something like

if shape1.top = 8000 and (shape1.top - shape1.height) = 6000 then
      msgbox "yup"
end if

But remember, it might be shape1.top + shape1.height, depending on how you are looking at it, because the screen starts 0,0 at the very top left and then gets bigger going down and to the right. Here is a program's source that I wrote for a friend of mine that lets him put the mouse in a given point on the screen, and while it's in that given area, it disables the screen saver