I am in desperate need of help with a python 2.7 project I am working on. I am really struggling in the class and they messed up my tutoring appointment for tonight so I have no one to help me.

I am doing a project that reads a .csv file and creates multiple .html files from the information. We are also given an html template to use.

1. The steps are to read the file and create a list form each row. 2. Each row creates an .html file. 3. Each value in the row is written in a new line in the .html file with the values that are specified in the template. 4. Close the file and process the next row until all of the rows are done.

I need to use a function that returns the values to be written to the output file.

If anyone that is familiar with python 2.7 could help me out it would really lighten the load on my shoulders right now, thank you!

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It all depends what kind of effort you are showing. You should post your code this far with CODE tags.

Like pyTony stated, we wont do your homework; only help with what you have.

As I have stated in previews post like this one, I will do your homework, but not for free. Something this simple I will only charge around $40 USD.

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