I am new to programming. So new that I am in my first semester of college. Intro to programming...
I have an idea for a program I would like to build in C# because it is the language I am learning first. But I don't have any idea where to start. I need just a little guidance from experienced folks.

First, some of the goals of the program I wish to write:
1. It will be a small text input window with two columns.
2. It will always be on top of any application on screen.
3. Users should be able to type into the main field.
4. Users will be able to save profiles of text.
(there is more to it but this is were I need to start)

What I need from you good people.
1. NOT to write my code for me, just point me in a direction. For instance I don't even know which option to choose from the VS main screen. I know it would not be console or form, but beyond that I am lost.
2. I need somebody to point to some specific web pages where I can learn for myself what I need to do.

Yes, I have searched these forums and the web pretty extensively but I can never seem to find what I need. I have found a couple suggestions for other languages that are close but even then not close enough, besides I need the language to be C# to lower my learning curve, as I am already studying C#.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.

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This site has some good tutorials and examples to learn from. Chances are you will be learning to write console apps before you learn to write windows apps, althought it seems like you won't be able to write that (very easily) in a console app.

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