I'm trying to build the package for use in Maya. Maya comes with its own python installation so the .exe installer for this package doesn't work for me.
the package is Polygon
I downloaded the zip. It contains:
and some other stuff
In cygwin I run:
./mayapy.exe "..\temp\Polygon-2.0.4\setup.py" build
and it says:
"error: package directory 'Polygon' does not exist"
First I read about how to install packages on the python website.
Then I tried putting the /Polygon folder in different places, like Maya's python's site-packages directory
I think in order to build the .c code I'll need to get mingw, but I cant even get past this first bit.

The normal procedure is to change directory to ..\temp\Polygon-2.0.4 in cygwin and type 'python setup.py install'.

Cool, thanks, that worked.
I got it to compile but it errors out. its meant to be compiled 32bit, but Im using a 64bit python so I dont think thats going to work. Is there a work around for this?