Hi everybody, may i know how do i expose the web service in order for my friend to excess my data in my service ? What do i have to type in the web.config file and is there any other things i should add or do ?

Thanks. (:

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If you are using Microsoft IIS and you are using Visual Studio (VS), you can have VS compile your web service on the server where it will run.

When you do this, the address to the web service will be that of the server + the name of your service. You activate it the same way you would do a regular web page.

Can you see your own service on the server?


Also, in IIS, you may have to "enable" the web service the same as you would any other web application by going to the Internet Information Services control panel, expand your web site( s ), pick the folder containing the web service, choose properties, and chose "Create" under the Application Settings.

Once you have "enabled" the web service, you should be able to reach it from any machine within its domain by using the http:// {server} / path

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