Hi there,

Sorry to ask a silly/stupid question...

I'm new to all this and i'm in the process of learning VB .NET using Visual Studio 2010...

I just had a question because I cannot seem to find the answers anywhere on the internet... also we are not upto this part in class yet..

Say I have 2 combo boxs... cmb1 and cmb2.. both are datasets from an access table..

how do I make it so cmb2 refreshes based on the value of cmb1?

eg; if cmb1 is say, period 1, then i want cmb2 to only show results bases on items I have in period 1?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Ross the newb

This is called cascaded combobox. In cmb1 Selected index changed event you need to filter the records of dataset which urusing to bind the cmb2 using dataview and then bind the filtered resultset to cmb2.

Hi! I had the same question.. The answer is at thread named "Cascading Combobox vb".

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