I'm working on a school C++ program, and its my first that uses classes and objects. Its great fun, and I'm almost done. I have a problem with the search function, which involves several pieces of code- the .h files, the .cpp implementation file, and the main code file. If I need help on this, how much code do I send? Do you experts need the entire program or just clips of what I think is the relevant code?

Is there anyone here who is willing to on-line tutor? Sometimes a few minutes of explanation while actually sharing control of Visual Studio would be a big help. Maybe DaniWeb should consider a forum that facilitates this- a shared work environment where students could get one-on-one help with stuff.

I know, get back to my assignment.


Post only the code you think is relevant to a specific question. If a respondent feels more code would be helpful then they will likely ask for it.

One on one tutoring is not the goal of this site, though there may be such sites available on the web. The philosophy here is everyone benefits by keeping things out in plain view.

Thanks. I'll post my code in a separate post more direct to my code question.

To me, the most easily answerable posts contain the shortest possible amount of code that is complete (meaning I don't have to add anything to get it to compile and run), and still demonstrates the issue/concept you're asking about.

In my experience, just going through the process of isolating my problem to a minimal amount of code often makes it pretty clear what the problem really is.