I am developing a Vis C++ 2010 Express Windows Forms application which handles some time/date scheduling, based on user input. So, to test the application, I ran my PC's date forward a couple of weeks. Edited a glitch in the mean time... Then, set the date back to current. Now, the developer software evidently thinks my code is always up-to-date, since I compiled it with my PC set to the later date. Now, no matter what I edit within the project, it never compiles. It only runs my developed application. I'm sure I could sit around for two weeks waiting, but rather not. Does anybody know of a way to reset the latest build date within VC++2010EXP?

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From Visual Studio, choose "Clean Solution" from the "Build" menu. This should delete all the intermediate build files and final targets, leaving only the source files. From there, it will -have- to rebuild all the files, so you should be OK after that.

Thanks for the reply. I could not find a Build menu in 2010 Express. To build and run my project, I use "Start Debugging" or "Build Solution" under the Debug menu. I searched the help files for "Clean Solution" and found some code that can be inserted into my project to force a clean build each time. But, here's what I did to solve the problem: I deleted the 3 files within the Debug folder under Documents: 1)application, 2)program debug database, and 3)incremental linker file. Upon the next run, it forced a new build. Problem solved.

I could not find a Build menu in 2010 Express.

You can also right click on the solution in the solution explorer for the "Clean Solution" command. Projects can be cleaned individually this way as well by right clicking on the project.

OK. Thanks. That does work. Much simpler than manually deleting files:D

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