Im a beginner..

What i want to do is converting user textbox input into Float value.
Okay to the point

I have textbox with 3 inputlimit

I want if
user input '200' itll give result to 2.00 (floatvalue),
and if user input '12.3' the result will be 0.123 (floatvalue)

im still exploring FormatFloat, trim, delete, Format, with no luck.
So someone could help me ?

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Try StrToFloat() , then divide by 100.

commented: Sorry i didnt know if theres a rep button +0

big thanks!... its work with standart editbox but not with Jvedit..

now my last question, how to display it using formatfloat ? format ?,

example: the value from memory is (0.50000)(2.0000) i want it to display it like this "50%" "200%"
i have tried using formatfloat n format i still cant get rid of leading zero and the dot ".50%"

True. Multiply by 100 first.

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