I know this thread has been done alot but i cant find anything that i think i would like to do i want to make a program in python i have a pretty basic understanding of python and i really like it but i want to make somthing thats going to challenge me that would be useful to people im going to be making it on windows if that changes how you would answer

By the way this is my first post on daniweb ! hi everyone and thanks for your answers in advance

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If you're in to games, you might want to try making Lingo, someone posted a problem they had in class about making the game and it looked fun enough that I might even try it (though I'm quite partial to the game).

If you are looking to do something more mathematical, what about a triangle solver? The user enters three sides, two sides and an angle, or two angles and a side and it outputs the solution.

Perhaps math isn't your fancy though: what about a script that finds files older than x number of days in a specified folder and deletes them, that way you could have an automatically emptying temporary folder on your computer? Kind of handy if you have things you know you probably won't need again (like print jobs that you might find a mistake in but don't want to keep the original file around forever).

On that note, you could make a script that automatically backs up your Firefox bookmarks.

Maybe you could build an implementation of ELIZA.

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You could dive into some frameworks you can do nifty things with. Like Twisted, PIL, Django, OpenCV, or take some of these algorithms and code them in python.

The skys the limit. One of the first useful things I did with python was tracking an IR light source with my webcam. And then moved onto IRC bots and now working with python on my android device.

i was looking at python on android because we have two android devices laying around (because we all got iphones now) but there really isnt much you can do right? cant you only make popups? you cant make a full app out of python and compile it into a apk can you?

Well now you have me thinking on how you did that with your webcam that sounds really cool.

Yeah, that's one of the downfalls of scripting on android at the moment. But you can substitute the GUI by using HTML. You can do simple dialog, like getting input and alerts. However, all of the phones features are available. Like the accelerometer, bluetooth, gps, texting, calls, phonebook, etc.

You could make a simple script that turns your phones silent mode on when you flip it over, or gps based texting, or autoresponse text when your driving or sleeping.

As for the webcam thing, you could use OpenCV as mentioned above, or the VideoCapture(Windows only) lib.

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hmm im going to look into the webcam thing i wish you could program a full app in python for android i would love that. but thanks for the ideas !

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