I seem to be having a little trouble connecting to my subdomain's database. (It's a subdomain, I'm using space off of a friend's domain name) When I look at my database's port # it just says localhost (which should be correct because it's located on the same server).

I have a VB.net project, however, that cannot connect. (my friend has given me a few port #s that I might be able to use to connect, but they are not correct.) This is the code I'm using:

MySQLConnection = New MySqlConnection
        MySQLConnection.ConnectionString = "server=***.***.com;Port=***; User ID=*****; password=*****; database=*****;"

        Dim MyAdapter As New MySqlDataAdapter
        Dim SqlQuary = "SELECT VersionNumber From GameStats;"
        Dim Command As New MySqlCommand
        Command.Connection = MySQLConnection
        Command.CommandText = SqlQuary
        MyAdapter.SelectCommand = Command
        Dim Mydata As MySqlDataReader
        Mydata = Command.ExecuteReader
        If Mydata.HasRows = 0 Then
            MsgBox("Could not connect with database. Check firewall and/or try again at a later time.")
            While Mydata.Read()
                If Mydata(0).ToString = Label2.Text Then
                    LinkLabel1.Text = ""
                    Button1.Enabled = False
                    Button2.Enabled = False
                    LinkLabel1.Text = "Update to Version:" & Mydata(0).ToString
                End If
            End While
        End If

Can anyone point me in the right direction as how I can connect to a "localhost" on a server that isn't mine? I saw somewhere on some website (I could be totally wrong, I was up late that night and was running on 2 hours of sleep) that the website administrator had to change some configuration setting in his control panel (he is using cPanel) to allow me to access the database. Any help?

To connect to the remote server, you would replace "localhost" with the remote machine's IP address or machine name.

I would also adapt the use of the SqlConnectionStringBuilder so you won't need to worry about spelling and punctuation (Like the space between USER and ID).

So just to clarify, I need to change the server= path to direct to the server's IP address, and what would the port number be? (More specifically, how would I find out)

As your suggestion about the SqlConnectionStringBuilder, I'm glad you actually mentioned that. When I first copied this code I idiotically put a space between the "=" sign and the actual reference name. Took me a couple of hours to figure out my mistake, but I finally found it. :) Hopefully it'll help other users when they are using similar code.