ive had a idea for a project but dont no how to start

my dad keeps going on at me for spending to long on the internet so i want to create a program that detects the internet connection and starts a timer till u disconect then records the time to a file so it can keep a running total

how could i make the program alwaes be running bit not visible till you click a icon or sumting like that

also how would i detect the internet connection


if your dad's a dentist he can afford to pay for such a program. He can also afford a teacher to teach you proper English.

why do that when i can learn how to make it my self and sorry but its still readable.
are you going to offer any help or just flame me


Jwenting, we are not here to judge others on their use of language (except in cases of profanity, when the moderator staff will ban others), nor shall we make assumptions on backgrounds and whose parents do what. If you cannot add to a conversation in a beneficial way, please refrain from posting. Your value is a little more than background noise.

As for the question at hand, you will need to know some things about C++ programming. If you are just starting out, than this might be too much of a project. If you have the code down, but don't know where to set it up, then let us know.

This forum is geared to help people whom have some skill at coding, and have some sort of bug to squash out. We typically ask them to post source code, and then offer suggestions on it. By trade, I am not a programmer, so I am not your best resource to consult concerning the problem.

So, let us know your level, and let the forum pull together to help you out.


Christian, my philosophy is that if you don't care to use proper natural language you're not going to use computer languages properly either, and all the evidence I see bears that out.
Therefore my advise to learn proper natural language is ultimately aimed at improving the OPs understanding of computer languages as well.

This is not a programming solution, but rather a Windows Administrative Solution. But this may be easier than programming the whole thing.

Search for the RemoteAccess Entry in your SystemEvent Log.

Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Event Viewer-->SYstem Log

You will be able to filter what you want and save it.
Refer this

Hope this helps.

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