hey guys, i have a C++ assignment and i have no idea where to start.
my assignment is we have to capitalize first letter of the every word entered.
if asked user to enter a their full name, the program should capitalize the first letter of their first name, middle name and last name, so how would i do that?
a little help to start it would be wonderful!

ok where is your prob??
1-detecting the first char
2-do the capitalization
please be accurate

ok umm how would you declare a name? i mean like first name, middle name and last name, would it be string? after that what function would you use so that only the first letter of each word is capitalized.
Ex: carrie beth smith -------> Carrie Beth Smith

start with read it as single string or you can do it with 3 strings then move to next step try using toupper

yeah but that is going to capitalize the whole word, while i just need the first letter capitalized

try this

char t[]="aaa";
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