This is a program which i am making of a quiz in which there are lifelines for helping the user solve his question. this function is to chose from whichever lifeline the user wants to chose. but my problem is that it is not inputing the string i.e not using the "cin.getline(maxy, 30, '\n' );". Please help...

void whichlifeline()
           char maxy[30];
           int integer;
           cout<<"\n\nDo you want to use any lifeline?(1 for Yes/2 for No)"<<endl;
           cin.getline ( maxy, 30, '\n' );  
           if((strcmp(maxy,"yes")) || (strcmp(maxy, "yes")))
                        cout<<"Which lifeline do you want to use?\n1 Audience poll\n2    Double Dip\n3 50-50\n";
                        else if (integer==2)
                        else if (integer==3)

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Your problem is that you're not using strcmp correctly. Refer to C++ Reference strcmp.

Correct if-statement is:

do something;
do something else;

Also, please use [CODE] tags next time.

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code tags comment :)

How do you know it's not inputting the string? Immediately after you try to input it, display it. Don't just assume something is wrong. Prove it.

And it's impossible to be "executing both if and else statements". It can't be done.

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