Hi all,

I wrote a .hta script (with vbscript - no jscript, in it) and put it on a fileserver.
The people who use this script, start the script by clicking on a shortcut on their Desktop that leads to the .hta script on the fileserver.
The .hta script reads data from an access database, writes to the database and read/writes to excel files etc.

While we where using IE6.x and an older version of office (2003), the script worked fine, we did not have any problems with it.

Now we use the latest version of IE and we use office 2007, and suddenly, the part of the
script that reads data out of the database does not work anymore.

We already added the fileserver to the "trusted locations" (in office 2007), only thing different was that some error messages did not show anymore.
The database is still being unread.

As we put the script on someones desktop (instead of the shortcut), the database is
being read, and everything works smooth again.

How can we make the script run on (from) the server again?