I have the following program written where Square extends Rectangle. I cannot figure out how to get the correct display for the x and y coordinates. It should display
Expected: Square[x=5, y=5, width=30, height=30] but instead it displays Square[x=10,y=20,width=30,height=30].

import java.awt.Rectangle;

public class Square extends Rectangle 
        private int side;
        private int x;
        private int y;
        public Square(int xcoord, int ycoord, int sideLength) 
        	super(xcoord, ycoord, sideLength, sideLength);
        	x = xcoord;
        	y = ycoord;
                side = sideLength;
                Rectangle Square = new Rectangle();
                Square.setLocation(xcoord-15, ycoord-15);
                Square.setSize(sideLength, sideLength);
        public void toString(int xcoord, int ycoord)
        	setLocation(xcoord-15, ycoord-15);
        public int getArea()
                int Area = side * side;
                return Area;
public class SquareTester
	public static void main(String[] args)
		Square sq = new Square(10, 20, 30);
		System.out.println("Expected: Square[x=5, y=5, width=30, height=30]");
		System.out.println("Area: " + sq.getArea());
		System.out.println("Expected: 900");



This is the output you are getting from running SquareTester

Expected: Square[x=5, y=5, width=30, height=30]
Area: 900
Expected: 900

You can get your expected output by passing 5,5,30 to the Square constructor.

Square sq = new Square(5, 5, 30);

Your toString method, which is

public void toString(int xcoord, int ycoord)

is not the correct overriding of the,

public String toString()
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