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I would really like to build an application in C# that will send out faxes and e-mails.

On the client side (I could do this in C# or php) I would have a few customer groups setup to select from. Each group is pulling data from our customer data file through odbc. So, with this client application you would select a group and attach a pdf. Hit send and the client application would then rename the pdf to a unique id and ftp it to a directory on the server. Then, all of the faxes and e-mails that need to go out would be written to a mysql database on the server.
Example ftp file: 20111112112938.pdf
Example data fields: id company fax email file email_status fax_status fax_tries
Example insert: 0 Jan's Restaurant Y Y 19995555834.pdf jan@jansrestaurant.com 20111112119238 pending pending 0

On the server side the C# program would look at the mysql database to see what e-mails and faxes need to be sent based on their status. The faxes would go out through a zoom serial fax modem. And the e-mails would send out 5 every 15 seconds or whatever I set it to.

Getting the server to send out the e-mails should not be hard http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4...-using-c-sharp. But, sending a fax through a serial modem could be a challenge for me. I do not know anything about this. Does anyone have any experience sending faxes through a serial fax modem using C#?