I have a scanner which needs to read a recipe text file, specifically line 3.
I want to read all of the words in that line using a delimiter (which I already know how to use).
Though I don't know how to make the scanner stop before going to the next line.

Sample text file.


I'm basically trying to make a counter of how many ingredients I have.

If the things you want are always on the third line, you can just let the scanner read the first two lines without saving it in a String, then just put the third line in a string, and there you have it? Then you just split the string using your delimiter, and count the String array length.

Personally I don't have much experience using a Scanner as a filereader since I usually use BufferedReader, but it shouldn't be a problem really.

Your Scanner/BufferedReader always has to read the file top to bottom, so you can't jump to say line X without reading the previous ones.

Your Scanner/BufferedReader always has to read the file top to bottom, so you can't jump to say line X without reading the previous ones.

Thanks for the great explanation, though I would like to ask you for a bit of guidance doing this.
I am basically using two delimiters inside of the file, and one line instead of 4, etc.. ( more will be added).

The text file

Cereal%author%strawberry$grapes%3$2.5$3.0$4$1%Place the amount of cereal specified in a bowl, now ...%

I'm reading the name of the recipe, the author, and then I read the ingredientsName, and I'm assinging it to a string.
From this string I receive strawberry$grapes

I now made a temporary string array which is null, then I split the ingredientsName String and assign it to the temporary string array but I still get the same result.

The way I'm printing it

        for(int i=0;i<tempIngr.length;i++)

First, you don't have to make a new String array and initialize it for null.
Let me give you a brief overview in pseudo code

String fullLine = in.readLine(); // with in being your scanner/BufferedReader
String[] delim1 = fullLine.split(/*your first delimiter*/);
String[] delim2 = delim1[/*the index you want].split(/*your second delimiter*/); 
// I'm not exactly sure what you want to do here, split the full or the already previously splitted.

Is printthis(String str) a method you created yourself? Assuming it's a console application, you can just use

for(int i=0;i<yourArray.length;i++){

As a side note, a nice addition to Java a couple versions back is another version of the for loop, being like this:

for(String s:yourArray){

It's equivalent to the one posted above, it's just a little less cumbersome with the indices, handy when there's more complex situations.

It's possible I haven't fully understood what you wanted to do, if so, I'll try to better understand it next time. It's getting a bit late and I'm growing a bit tired, but I hope I helped you in some way.