what I mean is from this code, when coder doesn't put any curly bracket({,}), what does the while loop scope will cover? already test with random bracket put on the code, but, the only "brackected code" that work the same as the original code is when I put around words.push_back(word);

got no clue what make the scope like that even thought the coder doesn't put any...

#include <algorithm>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

using std::cin;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;
using std::sort;
using std::string;
using std::vector;

int main()
    // Ask for and read the words
    cout << "Please enter a few words, followed by end-of-file: ";

    vector<string> words;
    string word;

    // Invariant: words contains all of the words read so far
    while (cin >> word)

    typedef vector<string>::size_type vec_sz;
    vec_sz size = words.size();

    // Check that the user entered some words
    if (size == 0)
        cout << endl << "You didn't enter any words. "
        "Please try again." << endl;
        return 1;

    // sort the words
    sort(words.begin(), words.end());

    string current_word;
    int count;

    // Set the initial word to the first word in the vector
    current_word = words[0];

    // Set the initial count for the first word
    count = 1;

    // Invariant: we have counted current_index of the total words
    // in the vector
    for (vec_sz current_index = 1; current_index < size; ++current_index)
        // Report the count for the current word if it does not match
        // the word at the current index in the vector, and reset the
        // count to zero so that it will one when the variable is
        // incremented outside the if statement.
        if (current_word != words[current_index])
            cout << "The word \"" << current_word << "\" appears "
            << count << " times." << endl;

            current_word = words[current_index];
            count = 0;


    // Report the count for the final word
    cout << "The word \"" << current_word << "\" appears "
        << count << " times." << endl;

    // We have reported the count of all the words in the vector, so exit.
    return 0;

lmao, nvm, this thread solved, I google the function of while, I thought the cin affect the code, that's why not found any solutions when google it...

this may help others :-

The test condition must be enclosed in parentheses. The block of code is called the body of the loop and is enclosed in braces and indented for readability. (The braces are not required if the body is composed of only ONE statement.) Semi-colons follow the statements within the block only.

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