Hi, I am trying to make an image viewer, this is my first time developing a software and I was just wondering how to add properties in my application. I'm creating this software with the help of Gtk and C and now I'm stuck because I want to display the properties of an image(the default properties displayed by windows) when the user clicks on "Properties", but I don't know what function of windows.h can achieve this. Please help by giving a useful link or a small demonstration.
Thanks a lot.

I would recommend that you use the ImageMagik Library in Windows to get image properties. It supports practically every image format and will convert image types to a raw image format on the fly so that your image viewer program can support all those image formats. Read their documentation on how to best implement that library to your program.

Windows does not have any native API to deal with images other than Bitmap (and compressed bitmap). There are frameworks that work with the Windows API that expose access to other popular formats, but it is hardly as exhaustive a list as ImageMagik.

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