Am using date time picker control in vb 6 to show time but when i try to store that in a access database it stores the default can somebody help me make it modify to store
only time...

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Change line 6 and 13. My psychic powers tell me the problem is there.

Dim tmData as Date
tmData  = format (DatePicker1.Value, "Short Time")

Thanks nut its not working i think am clear of the doubt i have ita juat i want show only time in dypicker want to disable default value..

set the format type of DatePicker1 to custom
and set the format to hh-mm-ss

Check out the documentation on the Date Time Picker Control.

You have four different property values for format on the Date Time Picker control: use either dtpTime or dtpCustom as mentioned previously.

If you use dtpCustom, then you have to add runtime code to set the custom format for the control: e.g., dtpPicker1.CustomFormat = "hh:mm:ss"

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