i need to write a code on how can break a sentence into word and find out the word belong to.
example :
when user input a sentence cindy walk slow.
1.break the sentence into cindy,walk,slow.
2.get each word belong to and display.
- cindy is a noun
- walk is a verb
- slow is a adjective.

i had make 2 file text:
1. verb .txt
2. adjective





this is the code i had done:

const size=100; //size of string
   char string[size],temp[size][32];
   char *tokenPtr;
   int i=0;

   cout<<"input string\n";
   cin.getline(string,size);//read line of string

   /*function char *strtok(char *s1,const char *s2) breaks s1 into token(word)
   	separated by character in s2

   tokenPtr =strtok(string," ");//pointer to first token

   while (tokenPtr != NULL)
      	strcpy(temp[i],tokenPtr);//save the token to array
      	tokenPtr=strtok(NULL," ");

   	for(int j=0;j<i;j++)
   	 char word1[30],word2[30];

       ifstream dictionary1("verb.txt");
       ifstream dictionary2("adjective.txt");

         while (dictionary1>>word1)
         	if (strcmp(word1,temp[j])==0)
   				 cout<<temp[j]<<" is a verb \n";
         	while (dictionary2>>word2)
            	if (strcmp(word2,temp[j])==0)
               	cout<<temp[j]<<" is a adjective \n";

   return 0;

the output:
input string
ali walk slow
walk is a verb
slow is a adjective

what i want to know is how i can get word ali belong to?
i didn't want to make a text file that contain of the noun.
if the word not in the verb.txt and adjective.txt,therefore it is a noun..

please help me..
anyway thank you.

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set a boolean flag to indicate if the word is found in one of the two files. If not set then it must be a noun. Something like this sudo-code. Note: search second file ONLY if the word is not in the first file.

set flag to false
search verb.txt file for word
if word found in verb.txt then set flag to true
if flag still false
    search adjective.txt file for word
    if word found in adjective.txt file set flag to true
end if
if flag still false
   word is a noun

thank you..i think i get it on..let me try first..

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