the random character should be uppercase letter
A to Z is from 65 to 90 in the asii table
what is the equation....?

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Well actually java Random class uses System.currentTimeMillis() for seeding the Random number. So you can copy that code..

Here is the source code:

int next(int bits)
   seed = (seed * 0x5DEECE66DL + 0xBL) & ((1L << 48) - 1);
   return (int) (seed >>> (48 - bits));

This will return a random number of size 32 bits (an integer).

So you need the value between 65 and 90.

So u get a random number from above method and add 65 to it. and mod it by 91. Then your number will be between 65 and 91. Then cast it to a character

Well, too avoid all this clutter u can directly use the Random class. Thats the Java Spirit.


generate an int between 65 and 90 and cast to character. Thats all....

BTW, may I know why u wanted the equation? for using in your code or for just knowing or are u doing an assignment where you are not supposed to use library classes?

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