I have the user enter a string e.g. subject of book using a scanner then a for loop, to print out all the books with the same subject to what the user entered.

But I'm having a problem in that it will only print out the first occurrence.

For example if the user enters IT1 if will only print out Java for Beginners, whereas it should print Java for Beginners and OO Programming due to they are both attached to IT1.

Heres my code

b[0] = new Book("Java for Beginners");
b[1] = new Book("OO Programming");

s[0] = new Subject("IT1", "Java");
s[1] = new Subject("IT2", "Software Design");
s[2] = new Subject("IT3", "UML");

bk[0] = new BookSub(b[0], s[0], s[1]);
bk[1] = new BookSub(b[1], s[0], s[1]);

System.out.println("Enter the Book Subject: ");

search = scan.next();
int index = 1;
for (int i = 0; i < bk.length; i++) {

if (search.equalsIgnoreCase(m[i].getSubject… {
index = i;
System.out.print(s[i].getName()+" "); 
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how exactly do you want us to know anything from that code?
your comparing an m object without informing us what m is (is it a book, a subject, a penguin, ... )

also, informing us of what's in the book, booksub, subtitle class could help out


A gorilla, a donkey, a cup of tea, ME, stultuske? .....

One a serious note, yeah as stultuske said please post the entire code so that we could help you out.

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