I am new to java and i want to use this programming language for our final project. Pls help me configure lynksys wrt54g using java app. Its unique feature is to limit the time of the registered user to use the internet and it will automatically cut off if the remaining time balance is 0hr 0min 0sec. The program allows the admin to add time for a particular user to used the internet. This idea is for our final project "Wireless Connectivity Prepaid" and right now, i still don't have the idea on how to start my project.

here is my e-add for you to help me.


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If you are new to Java, this project is probably way out of your league if you don't have massive experience in other programming languages and can learn Java really quick.

And by the way, why do you need to configure the router to keep track of the remaining time? Seems kinda odd...

@slimmy: It was our idea for our final project. We need to track the time used by the user to identify if he/she still have the authority to access the web. Our idea is to configure the router to limit their accessibility. This project is intended for a non-free wireless connection. To enable the user to add his/her time to access the web through the wi-fi connection he/she must avail the available prepaid card suited for the project. Is this possible in java?.

Anything is possible but if I were to do it I wouldn't run my code on the router. I dont know the model you are talking about or if it even has support to run 3rd party applications on it.

My suggestion is to look into PHP. When a client connects to your router he is redirected to a site where he can pay for online-time. Maybe be able to create an account and login to it and then you can save his remaining time on that account. Of course you can do some of the coding here in Java as well but it just seems to me that PHP might be an easier choice for this kind of task. I'm not really a PHP programmer my self but have enough experience in it to see that this project probably would benefit from it.

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