Ok I have a project and I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing. Our project is to make some simplified POS software, in our case, for a restaurant. The form I am currently working on is where you pick food items and add them to a listbox which will essentially be the order form. I made a database in Access that has food-item info and linked it to the VB project.


My combobox narrows down the food items according to what category is selected, i.e. "Lunch".

Now.. is there any way I can select an item from my database records (right box) and add them to an empty listbox that I'll save to a txt file. The database box is called "FoodItemsDataGridView" but maybe I don't even refer to that, I have no idea..

Ok, I exed that idea. Now I'm just using listboxes, two of which are bound to the database.
Here's what it looks like:


So now what I want is the 2nd to the left box (with the dollar amounts) to be added into the Total textbox. I can't seem to find a code that just adds the values in the listbox. Is this only possible for individual textboxes?