i'm having a project in school regarding vb.net and i badly need your help!

it is about connecting vb.net to access.

i need to be able to add, delete, edit, and save data to a table in access using a form in vb. i am also required to view the data in a datagridview or listbox or anything in vb.net.

i'm just a beginner so i would really appreciate if you would give me simple instructions or codes.

thank you very much! God Bless!! :)

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i also i am just finally getting around to learning about VB(8 hours ago!).

what you can do(if you have EXCEL installed) is use the macro recorder.
choose a cell. click the macro recorder button.
fill out the pop-up window
do want you want the code to do in that cell.

click developer, code, stop recording .

Help is given when effort is shown. Read a book and pay more attention in class. Then write some code. If it doesn't work we'll try to show you how to correct it. If you've already covered this topic in class then reread your notes.

why do i get a down-vote? i already passed C++ in college(a real university) ten years ago. my suggestion comes from 'excel VBA for dummies' the only reason i'm starting to look at VB is for a job opportunity...

why do get a down-vote? i already passed C++ in college(university)ten years ago. and i've only looked into VB in the past 24 hours...just trying to help with a little suggestion....that's why i hate fools...

Read my comment. The OP wants to know how to use Access with VB. Your response was to use the macro recorder in Excel. You may have passed C++ in college but you apparently failed reading comprehension.

And, by the way, I've answered in haste on this forum (and totally missed the boat) and was quite correctly "dinged" for it.

get a real life

newbies never answer, anyway, why you picking on me?

AND... THERE WAS NO COMMENT IN the down-vote until i sent you a PM!

That is not the case. If I hadn't left the comment then my name wouldn't have been attached to it and you wouldn't have known it was me who down-voted. Get your facts straight. There is no way to leave an anonymous comment.

Also, this thread is for tech help. It is not the place for this discussion.

you are a skilled and practiced liar...

-edit goodbye, Daniweb...it was fun while it lasted.

skilly, .i left a few times also.:)

naw...i just thought i was gonna get banned

-edit and when i get banned from things...i prefer to never come back :)
thanks for the empathy/sympathy

from now on, i will try not to let little haters bait me into breaking the rules...

.don't wanna spam thread,though u got b.tch.slapped=True .
.sh.t happens sometimes.:)

not the first time...and certainly won't be the last :D

it all boils down to who gets the last word...and i think it should be the OP.....
certainly Daniweb should be able to track IP addresses....
unless IP spoofing is still a problem...


This thread is stupid -- and closed.

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