Hello everybody,

I NEED HELP, I am new to VB and need to create invoice......

Here is my problem..

I created table named "tb_sale" using ms access 2007, it has 5 columns (date, product, qty, price, total)

I created a listview which has same columns with tb_sale (date, product, qty, price, total)
Then, I dragged a datagrid (tb_saledatagridview) from tb_sale to the form, hoping i can insert multiple records from listview to tb_saledatagridview.

I manage to insert record from listview to unbound datagrid, but not for bound datagrid.

Hope someone can give me sample of code that I can use to insert and save data from the listview to tb_saledatagridview.

Thanks in advance :)


I don't think you can add items to a data bound DataGridView.
What you need to do is insert data from the listview into your table and populate DataGridView.