Please tell me how to print invoice using Epson TM-U210 printer using c sharp.I can print invoice using normal usb printer such as hp injeckt pinters. I used


command to print. But Epson printer is serial port printer. There for is there any need of using port command and use any byte to write. Please at least give a guide. I don't have any idea to where to start. Thank you so much

Is your printer configured as an standard printer using the spooler to be managed?
If yes, is it the default printer?
If not, you must select it as default printer before calling the Print().

Please see here how to define the printer to be used.

Hope this helps

I have selected it as default printer. But I don't know to configured as an standard printer using the spooler. Please tel me. Also thank you so much for your reply. Also I need to know, should I use for this task.

If you see the epson printer in the Control Panel -> Printers then you can open it an see the queue of pending (is any) document to be printed, and those being printed (if any).

If all this happens then the printer is configured as an standard printer using spooler.

Once opened, On the Printer menu, select the properties.
usually on the first (general) tab, there is a button to print a test page. Give it a try and a test page should be printed.

If not, Goto the Ports tab an verify to which port is connected; should be one of the ports COM1: to COM4:.

If this is true, go to the Control Panel - Devica Manager and verify that the Ports COM are there, and that the printer is there, both witout a warning nor a stop.

I don't think you'll need the POS.NET to solve this issue.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much for your reply.This is my first invoice printing. I got what you said and It works. Thank you again for the help.

Glad to hear that. So please, be so kind to close this thead.
No dout to start a new one if you have some additional questions.