Here my code

public static String modele;
   public static String supplier;
   public static int height = 180;

   public static final String[] COLORS = { "RED", "BLUE", "GOLD",
         "ORANGE", "PURPLE", "PINK", "NONE" };
    public static String description;
    public static boolean withSnow = false;
    public static boolean sale = false;
    public static int numIdentification;


    public Tree (String modele, String supplier, String description, int height, int typeColors, boolean sale, boolean withSnow){

        // a completer selon les directives //
        this.modele = modele;
        this.supplier = fournisseur;
        this.description = description;
        this.height = hauteur; = sale;
        this.withSnow = withSnow;
        numIdentification = numIdentification + 1; 


Here my question

when i created my Tree with this constructor

let say i created my object i pass those values


the variable typeColors in my constructor i assign number 2

how i determined that 2 = "BLUE" in my array name COLORS when i create the object.

I want to call it with a function Tree.getColors to get the value.

I just can't figured out how.... any help would be appreciated.

Sorry if my english its not good.

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i think i found a solution myself

i create another variable naming modeleColors

and when creating object

i assign modeleColors = COLORS[typeColors];

not sure if the right way to do it.

Bonjour. C'est bon, mais vous avez vos variables "static", c'est a dire que il-y-a une value pour tous les instances. Mauvais idée.
Votre vache espagnole

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