Hy ,

I have a little/big problem :
I am a student and i live in a campus where i need to use a proxy and port to connect to internet.
The app i made is a management system for a store ... and it is local.
I used MySql and Java , it worked perfectly until i had to put a proxy and port to connect to internet.My app does not use internet for the moment it is local.Now it blocks the moment i press a jButton that uses the mysql to create a table.
When i don`t use proxy it works again perfectly.
Firewall is off.

What should i do?


If it counts i am using a rooter to connect to internet.

You have few options:

  1. Change configuration on database from accept localhost connection only to accept all connections, but this may be risky as if you do not secure it properly someone may hack it
  2. Provide a web service, where your application send request to web service which is sort of server application that does enable you to query database on remote machine and sents it results back to your application
  3. Use embedded database like SQLite or Derby