hi all,
Is there simple example out there where image is made by drawing
lines on the panel ,and then print it on paper

thank you

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Do you mean something like microsoft Paint? In that case it's pretty easy to find some examples.

If it isn't, you're going to have to be a bit more specific.

hello Aviras
I create code ,but find difficulties,after I have a code to print "drawstring bla bla bla , draw rectangle bla bla bla,drawline bla bla bla".I then want to make a print view for it.The idea is to create a panel then create image exactly the same as I want to print on that panel.
It is the panel I want to show as print preview.My difficulties is to create a panel
which is separated from the main form,it is lay on other frame,any suggestion ?
Or point me to any example I can use (even only the idea from it).

thank you

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