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I have a Java Desktop Application I made and I am now on the process of deploying the application. I tried to use Java Web Start but came up with certain problems. My application is fully working when I start it locally or inside my IDE. But when I try to make use of JWS; for now I use the Netbeans feature to autocreate the JNLPa and I try to run it inside the IDE my application runs it show launches my MainClass but the thing is some buttons of in GUI does not work. Like my start and stop button and other buttons. My start button by the way creates a new thread to search the internet. I have tested my application several times and its working except when using JWS where some of my components does not work. Do you have any ideas on this? Can you suggest another method for deploying application. The main reason I use JWS is the update feature which takes care of the auto-updating when new versions of my application are available.