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A co-worker and I are trying to compile a VB.Net / ASP.Net application on another machine. We are getting two different sets of errors. One set of errors lists 103 undefined statements with no library missing. The other error is, " It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond the application level."

We have tried numerous work arounds. We have Configured the website to run as an application through IIS, even though he hasn't configured it on his workstation. We have tried logging into his user on this machine, with the same errors. We have also tried compiling from a network share with all required files, but to no avail.

We started on a Windows XP machine running the same setup as he has, and now we are running a Windows 7 machine.

We are starting to think it may be a special setup on the workstation that he uses, but we are not certain. Does anyone have any ideas?


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